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What is GU Official Website?

GU official Site is all about sharing exciting add-ons with the Minecraft community, you can find GU add-ons & other Professionally made add-ons by other minecraft add-on creators

What products do GU Studios make?

GU Studios is currently a Minecraft add-on maker & website designer, but in the future we plan to make apps & other exciting stuff

What is AE add-on?

Ages Evolution is a GU Minecraft add-on, that is still currently beta, it's one of the biggest add-ons made by the studio to compete with other Minecraft Java high Quality mods on the Minecraft Bedrock engines

When will the AE full release be out?

There is currently no Estimated time on the development of the add-on & there is no official release date yet, but we are working hard on delivering a polished high quality Minecraft add-on for the community to enjoy

Where can i find GU add-ons?

There are currently only 2 places to get the legit GU add-ons, one of them is MCPEDL.com & the other is simply this website

What are GU add-ons?

GU add-ons are high quality add-ons that are designed to compete with the professional Minecraft java mods but for Minecraft Bedrock's limited mods engine,

Whats special about GU add-ons?

GU add-ons are professionally made add-ons & they are created with a very creative way to replicate some of the advanced technics used in Minecraft java mods, You can use the add-ons freely without feeling that the add-ons are some low quality replica

Are GU add-ons free?

GU add-ons are & will always be free for the use of the Minecraft Communities, but there might be some ads here & there even in the download links to support the hard work of the creator