Adha Craft v1

Have you ever wanted to be a Butcher in Minecraft Bedrock? Great, become the butcher you always wanted to be & celebrate Eid-Eladha in Minecraft with your friends. Enjoy discovering new species & watch out for the camel

The Basic Update


22nd July 2021

Let's start the journey through v1

First, You need to get a mob Carcass By killing the following mobs (All Tools Are Craftable In The Crafting Table)

- Cow

- Surti Cow

- Buffalo

- Mooshroom

- Sheep

- Goat

- Camel



Then You Need to craft a Carcass Hanger on the crafting table & hang the Carcasses from the bottom of the Carcass Hanger block, as the following image

carcass hanger

Then interact with the carcass first with the skinning knife to skin them. To skin the camel, you need to interact with it with a Butcher Knife and then break the carcass after removing the head and hang it on the carcass hanger

skinned carcasses

After skinning the Carcass, you need to craft the glove and start getting the organs out of the Carcass. After Getting the organs out of the Carcass, you need to craft a bone saw and begin extracting the bones and the Head

boneless carcass

After extracting the bones and Heads, Interact with the Carcass using a Butcher Knife to get the meat & make all kinds of tasty food


You can only place the Head on the carcass hanger. If you want to hang the Head, you need to craft a Head hanger, then craft the hanged Head in the crafting table using the Head hanger & the Head you want to hang.

head hanged


You must first create a Grinder in the crafting table in order to prepare the tasty sausages and burgers.

First Sausages:

attach a sausage extruder , then Add some beef and tripe to the grinder (craft in survival), and grind till sausages are produced.

sausage grinder

Second Ground Meat:

The grinder should first have an extruder plate added before adding meat. Finally, you can begin grinding meat to obtain ground beef, which you can then use to make burgers at the crafting table. 

meat grinder


Create a grill in the crafting table to begin cooking meat and produce some delicious cooked meat. You must first fire the grill with flint and steel before adding the desired meat. Next, use a spatula to remove the cooked meat from the grill.



Three new mobs have been introduced to the game.

Surti Cow:

surti cow




Only found in deserts, camels can be tamed in the same manner that horses can be.


Once the camel is tamed, you can saddle it and ride it wherever you like.

saddled camel

That's all for this Update!!!!

Note: The direction in which the carcass transforms may be altered manually. The main use of the objects on the crafting table is to display the recipes. The items can place blocks, but they won't rotate until the block is broken and picked up.

Supported Minecraft versions:

1.16.100 - 1.18.2