Adha Craft v2

With a tonne of bug fixes and new features, Adha Craft v2 is now available. The majority of add-ons, including AdhaCraft, were broken by Minecraft 1.18.10, so there aren't many notable features, but there are a few that are interesting. Take on the role of the butcher you've always wanted!

The Advanced Update


8th July 2022

Let's start the journey through v2


There is now a blood trail on the ground after killing a mob.


New Death Animations:

A new death animation has been implemented when killing mobs. to add some fun and realism to the experience.

death animation

Pulling Cracass:

With the help of the lead, you may now move the carcass wherever you want. Attach the lead to the carcass and drag the corpse where you want.

pulling carcass

Improved Hanging Mobs:

By converting the carcasses from blocks to entities, the carcass system was enhanced. Do you remember the bug that made the corpse face a certain direction? That is the solution. 

hanging mobs

Improved hanging heads:

Head hangers are now more efficient. Throw the hanger on the wall, then interact with it using the head you want to decorate your wall with.

hanging heads

Dexter Cattel:

Welcome to Dexter Cattel, the brand-new cow!

dexter cattle

improved and fixed the grill:


improved and fixed the grinder:


Updated UI and How to Play Menu:

how to play menu

Visit the in-game changelog menu to view the whole changelog.

Supported Minecraft versions: