Ages Evolution Public Beta 1

Ever wanted to start a B.C survival world in Minecraft ??? Ages Evolution is an add-on that allows you to start from 10000 B.C. in Minecraft all the way to modern technology. Grab your chopping block to get wood and start making essential tools

The Beginning Update


11th January 2022

Let's start the journey through public beta 1

Rocky Plains:

First, the new Biome (Rocky Plains) is the first biome to be introduced in the add-on, but for some reason, Minecraft developers decided to disable custom biomes in Minecraft (Currently Not Working In 1.18+). In this biome, there are only dead plants for now, and caves that generate around the biome

rocky plains biome


These Caverns generate in the rocky plains biome, and they have ancient paintings in them. There are plans for these caverns in the future. Maybe by just wandering in caverns, you can uncover secrets



This mob is an ancient creature lt lived approximately 300 million years ago. It's way old, but a cool add-on feature with no purpose. It's just there annoyingly buzzing around your Minecraft world. It's up to you to decide its doom


Well how to start?

To start your journey into the stone ages, you must collect plant fiber by breaking grass blocks. After getting enough plant fiber, start crafting them into plant twine by adding 2 to the shapeless crafting table


Now You have to find Gravel which is a bit harder to find, but there are many of them scattered around the world. After Finding Gravel place it in the crafting table with the mesh to get Gravel its that easy


Flaked Material:

There are three kinds of flaked material so far (Flaked Gravel-Flaked Stone-Flaked Wood). Only the flaked flint is obtainable in survival but more in the future

flaked material

To get the Flaked Flint start smashing Flint into a rock. After you get the Flaked Flint, you can craft spears and a flint hatchet to get wood. Still more tools to be added soon

huge rock


The spears are throwable weapons. The damage isn't much for testing, but on the good side, they are still throwable. You can point the cursor at any mob & shoot



Getting wood isn't as easy as punching blocks and crafting them into planks. Start chopping down trees to get logs, craft a chopping block & start chopping wood with the hatchet to get wood planks

chopping blocks


Rafts are basic boats. They are slower than traditional boats, and they drop sticks after breaking. Sadly, you can only get them in creative or with commands. There are 6 Varients of it (Oak-Birch-Spruce-Jungle-Acacia-DarkOak)


3D Crafting Table:

This Crafting Table Only Has three recipes. For now, you can only craft the spears with it, and sadly you still can't get it in survival mode. You can only get it with /summon command. Bare with us. It's still a work in progress

crafting stump

That's All For now, and I hope you like the add-on that is the first public beta. You can send me feedback on the add-ons discord server down below

the end

Supported Minecraft versions:

1.16.100 - 1.18.2