Ages Evolution Public Beta v2

Hey everyone, I'm back with another AE Public Beta. This version has a lot of bug fixes, improvements, and additions Ages Evolution is an add-on that allows you to start from 10000 B.C. in Minecraft all the way to modern technology hope you enjoy it and remember to join my discord server to report a bug.

The Mammoth Update


2nd March 2022

Let's start the journey through public beta 2

Chopping Blocks:

We added five variants of the chopping block. Chopping Blocks are used to chop logs and get wood planks using the flint hatchet. It's quite the perfect essential tool for the add-on

chopping block

Crafting Stump:

There are eight new recipes. Crafting Stump is a 3D crafting table that crafts some items using the crafting rock. Not to forget that it's now obtainable in survival

crafting stump

Fire Pit:

Fire Pits are used for cooking meat one at a time. Light it up with a stick. Also, do you know that metal box thing that you use to cook? They didn't exist back then

fire pit


Kilns are used to turn cobblestone into stone and logs into low-grade charcoal blocks (Uses the new fire system). Cooking cobblestone in the kiln is a lot slower than in the furnace.


Hot Grill:

Hot Grills are used for cooking up to 4 items simultaneously (Uses the new fire system). By the way, cooking your food on the hot grill is much more exciting than using the furnace

hot grill

New Fire System:

It's an additional fire system to the add-on that helps some 3D blocks function like (Hot Grills and kilns). To start the fire, you must hold a carved stick in both hands and interact with the block you want to light a fire on. Use Charcoal Blocks to keep the fire running forever.

fire system fire system

Flint Tools:

Ever wanted a bunch of tools that are almost as good as iron tools but much easier to get? Flint tools are similar to stone tools. They have the same durability but are a bit faster and stronger

flint hatchet flint pickaxe flint shovel flint axe


Welcome the wooly giant elephant. It's the Mammoth. It doesn't do much now, but you get to see the awesome Mammoth wandering around the world in packs.

mammoth mammoth

New Loot System:

We improved the loot system because the old loot system was very buggy and laggy. Unfortunately, it only works with Minecraft 1.18.10+

New Loot System

New UI:

As a part of the new add-on UI, we added a crafting recipe menu & an in-game changelog to make the user experience a bit easier expect more in the future

New UI New UI

For the complete changelog and bug fixes, check out the in-game changelog. Join the discord server to report bugs and help improve the add-on. That's all for now, have a great time

Supported Minecraft versions: