Ages Evolution Public Beta 3

Watch out for the falling mammoths. Wait a minute. The smilodon is responsible for the mammoth's death. Ages Evolution is an add-on that allows you to start from 10000 B.C. in Minecraft all the way to modern technology. Grab your chopping block to get wood and start making essential tools

The Smilodon Update


9th Octobe 2022

Let's start the journey through public beta 3

Slat Blocks:

Salt Blocks are generated at the bottom of rivers. You can find salt blocks and turn them into salt. I know its a bit painful to search for items in the water

Slat Block Slat

Flint Workblade:

The Flint Workblade is used to cut plants quicker and drops the plant even if it's leaves. No more silk touch or shears needed

Flint Workblade


The Tomahawk is a throwable weapon that is more effective with hostile mobs. But for now, it will throw spears funny, I think, but definitely not expected


Sharpened Bone:

The Sharpened Bone is like a Stone Sword but has higher durability. Why would I need it, you ask? It's an easy-to-get weapon. Just grab a bone hit a stone block with it, and voila

Sharpened Bone

Basic Chest:

Basic Chests are simple-looking Chests with only nine usable storage slots. A basic way to sort your items or hide them from a friend


Mammoth Corpse:

After Killing the Mammoth, the corpse will fall on the ground with a falling animation & will drop leather & beef, not finalized yet. Of course, it won't drop loot on death. There will be an additional step

Mammoth Corpse


Welcome the ancient predator, the sizeable saber-toothed cat, THE SMILODON!!! Aside from the weird animation, the smilodon is the most fabulous mob to join the add-on

huge rock

Strainer Base:

There are plans for the strainer base in the future, but nothing right now.

Strainer Base

Fluid Bladder:

The Fluid Bladder is a small water container that can carry water around. It can take more than a glass bottle

Fluid Bladder Fluid Bladder


The net is an item used to craft the Strainer in the Crafting Stump. There is nothing more to learn about



The Strainer is a part of the Strainer Base


5 New Crafting Stump Recipes:


Brown Dye:

What? its just a die. Go color anything

Brown Dye

Water Block:

This new Water block is found in ponds scattered around the world and is also the water used to fill the Fluid Bladder. Why a new water block, you ask? The way add-ons are created for bedrock makes modifying any existing block impossible for now

Water Block

Big Lilly Pad:

Are you bored of Minecraft's lily pad? We got your back. Big Lilly Pads are found in ponds. They help you cross the water easily

Big Lilly Pad


We need more vegetation & structures in Minecraft's plain biomesPonds are naturally generated structures. They give a natural vibe to the overworld


Wooden Barrel:

The Wooden Barrel is a great place to store water. Use the Fluid Bladder to fill & empty the Barrel. Maybe use the stored water later.

Wooden Barrel

Animal Pelt:

The Animal Pelt is Dropped by animals when dead you will need them to get leather in future updates.سس

Animal Pelt

Leather Strip & Cordage:

The Leather Strip & Cordage are pieces of leather that can replace Plant Fiber & Plant Twine in crafting recipes.

Leather Strip Leather Cordage

For the complete changelog and bug fixes, check out the in-game changelog. Join the discord server to report bugs and help improve the add-on. That's all for now, have a great time

Supported Minecraft versions:

1.18.10 - 1.19+