Ramadan Craft v1

It's time for the Ramadan Craft add-on! It took a lot of effort, but the add-on is now available. With this add-on, you can now add Ramadan lanterns, decorations, and much more to your Minecraft creations.

The Incomplete Update


13th April 2021

Let's start the journey through v1

You must first create the Ramadan Crafter.

Ramadan Crafter:

You will need a Ramadan crafter before you can begin making the majority of the decorative blocks.

ramadan crafter


One of the various Ramadan decorations in the add-on is the lantern, which comes in 12 different color variations and emits light.


Small Lanterns:

These lanterns appear a little different from regular lanterns and come in 12 distinct colors.

small lanterns

Ramadan Cannon:

This cannon is a decorative block; it has no use right now, but perhaps in the future it will perform a unique function.

ramadan cannon

Ramadan Decoration:

This Ramadan decoration is a must-have for your Minecraft environment. Actually, it's quite lovely.

ramadan decoration

Deco Lights:

A light-emitting decorative block that is also available are deco lights, which have a pretty fantastic appearance.

deco lights

Hanging Lights:

There is a small aesthetic difference between this and the Ramadan decoration, however the hanging lights primarily emit light.

hanging lights

Soda Bottles:

soda bottles

Food Plates:

food plates




The Maharaty can be found spawning all over the world and makes fantastic noises. You can trade with them to obtain cool stuff and blocks.


Palm Tree:

Only found in desert biomes, palm trees have an odd appearance, but don't worry, they won't stay that way.

palm tree

Palm Wood and Leaves:

Who doesn't love new wood types in Minecraft? The palm wood can be used just like other kinds of wood

palm wood & leaves


These blocks are decorative. They behave like carpets from Minecraft and have 12 colors. Imagine what you could do with them.



added two different types of seb7as; these were added at the last minute because, well, why not?; they are only for decoration.

seb7a seb7a

That's all for this Update!!!!

Supported Minecraft versions:

1.16.100 - 1.18.0