Ramadan Craft v2

It took a while, but it is now available. The new version of Ramadan Craft has a ton of enhancements and bug fixes. Enjoy the new functions, upgrades, and even additions in version 2.

The Necessary Update


6th May 2021

Let's start the journey through v2



The Ramadan crafter now displays item recipes using placeholder objects, allowing it to display block recipes.



Lanterns have been redesigned and four new colour variants have been added; additionally, Lanterns no longer open a crafting grid.


Small Lanterns:

Small Lanterns now come in four new colour variations and have had a redesign; they no longer display a crafting grid.

small lanterns

Ramadan Cannon:

While holding the Cannon Rod, you can interact with this decorative block to hear an explosion. great a fantastic addition

ramadan cannon


The Msaleya has been updated and given four new colour variations.


Item blocks:

Created Block items for the creative category it was a nessesary step in order to show crafting recipes in the ramadan crafter

item blocks

Camp Fire:

Although the campfire is an existing block, the add-on makes it better by allowing you to use it to cook food.

camp fire

Palm Tree:

Around the world, there are no longer any palm trees. The sapling must be grown manually It also received a new model.

palm trees

Palm Sapling:

In order to obtain a palm tree, one must trade with the Msa7araty for a sapling and then bone meal it in order to grow a palm tree.

palm sapling

Palm Wood and Leaves:

The Palm Wood and Leaves have been remodeled, and they now drop their items when breaking. 

palm wood and leaves

Msa7araty Drum:

Msa7araty Drum was added as a decoration block.


That's all for this Update!!!!

Supported Minecraft versions:

1.16.210 - 1.18.2